Arizona Orthotics is UNIQUE in THREE Ways!

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Here’s Our Promise to You:

We PROMISE our Custom Foot Orthotics are unlike everything you’ve ever tried for THREE UNIQUE REASONS.

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Unique Quality Number One - MADE FROM SCRATCH.

What’s different?

Everything pre-packaged and purchased from the internet or a local retailer is not truly custom - It’s Made in Advance!

Definition of Custom


False advertising IS NOT OKAY.

Unique Quality Number Two - MASS POSITION.3D Impression MASS position

What’s different?

MASS position states the foot is a biomechanical marvel that functions best when the foot is restored to its most ef­ficient and most stable position while you’re actually upright and walking.

This is NOT some pre-made insole, insert or arch support that’s attempting to have your foot fit their mold.MASS position = arch up supportUnique Quality Number Three - PRECISION CALIBRATION.

This is when a machine fine-tunes the flexibility of your orthotic so it’s an exact match to YOUR body weight, YOUR foot flexibility and YOUR activity level.

precision calibration

What’s different?

Here at Arizona Orthotics we proudly offer THE ONLY precision calibrated custom foot orthotic ON THE MARKET.

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Point Being: When all three of these unique qualities are combined to design a product specific to everything about you, your foot problem can finally begin to heal.

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