Ask for MASS Posture & Precision Calibration by name!

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Here’s Our Promise to You:

We PROMISE our Custom Foot Orthotics are unlike everything you’ve ever tried for THREE UNIQUE REASONS.

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Unique Quality Number One - MADE FROM SCRATCH.

What’s different?

Everything pre-packaged and purchased from the internet or a local retailer is not truly custom - It’s Made in Advance!

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False advertising IS NOT OKAY.

Unique Quality Number Two - MASS POSTURE.

What’s different?

MASS posture is how we capture each foot’s corrected arch-up alignment.

-26 Bones Restored to their MASS Posture-MASS posture and custom foot orthotic pics combinedThis is NOT some pre-made insole, insert or arch support that’s attempting to have your foot fit their mold.

Unique Quality Number Three - PRECISION CALIBRATION.

This is when a machine fine-tunes the flexibility of the orthotic plastic shell. precision calibration

What’s different?

Once you Restore Alignment, you must Optimize Foot Function.

Precision Calibration is how we Match the Flexibility of EVERY Custom Foot Orthotic to Body Weight, Foot Flexibility, and Activity Level.

Made Perfectly Flexible for Optimal Shock Absorption.

-Foundation Optimized-

If it's not MASS Posture & Precision Calibrated, it’s just a piece of plastic that fits into your shoe.

Ask for MASS Posture & Precision Calibration by name.

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