About Arizona Orthotics

truly custom foot orthotics are rarely identical left and right

truly custom foot orthotics are rarely identical left and right

Arizona Orthotics is the premier destination for the best custom foot orthotic money can buy. Made from scratch and precisely calibrated to match body weight, foot flexibility, and activity level! Welcome to the next generation of custom foot orthotics!

Every custom foot orthotic is an exact match to your foot’s corrected arch-up posture. In other words, every 3-D foot impression is captured non-weight bearing! Additionally, every custom foot orthotic is precisely calibrated for that biomechanical advantage other orthotics simply do not offer.

Question: If you need eyeglasses, doesn’t the optometrist carefully measure the specific sight capacity of each eye and then calibrate the lens to match accordingly? This precision calibration is what Arizona Orthotics is now able to incorporate into each made from scratch custom orthotic. This is how a truly custom foot orthotic is perfected!

All orthotics are NOT created equal! Now you know why.

Not convinced? Read our press release…

Arizona Orthotics Debunks Common Myth That All Custom Foot Orthotics Are Created Equal

Call today for your complimentary assessment, 480-307-4060.

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