We proudly offer the only custom, made-from-scratch, calibrated foot orthotic on the market.

Every custom calibrated foot orthotic is designed to optimize the passage of force as each foot transitions between pronation and supination during the 10,000 to 15,000 steps a persons takes per day.

In other words, our custom calibrated foot orthotics are designed to correct the cause of foot problems.

When you need eyeglasses, doesn’t the optometrist carefully measure the specific sight capacity of each eye and then calibrate the lens to match accordingly?

Precision calibration is how we match every custom foot orthotic with the accurate properties of flex and rigidity specific to body weight, foot flexibility and activity level. Calibration provides the biomechanical advantage other products simply cannot.

All orthotics are NOT created equal! Now you know why.

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Arizona Orthotics Debunks Common Myth That All Custom Foot Orthotics Are Created Equal


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