Bunion Orthotics

Bunions are one of the most common big toe problems.

Interestingly, your big toe is BIG for a reason.

You see, the big toe is designed to handle most of your body weight as you walk. The Causes of Bunions

Unfortunately, when the arch of each foot is not properly supported the big toe cannot properly handle its normal load and this joint begins to deform and degenerate.

Correcting the cause of stress at the big toe is paramount to reducing the visual deformity of bunion.

Therefore, the design of bunion orthotics must address the underlying arch misalignment.

In order for this to happen it is absolutely essential to capture the true arch-up or MASS (Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization) position of each foot.

Otherwise, you’re bunion orthotic will not be designed to hold your foot in its corrected position which means its essential useless.

In other words, unless your bunion orthotic is made to support each foot in its corrected arch-up MASS position, it has practically zero potential to correct the cause of your bunion.

There are basically 2 ways an impression of the foot is made.

The first is weight bearing in which case you see what the foot looks like against body weight and gravity as shown in the image above on the left with No Arch.

Bunion orthotics designed to support this position of your foot does nothing to improve the ability of the big toe to handle gravity.

Whereas, bunion orthotics like those made here at Arizona Orthotics are specifically designed to optimize this passage of force over the big toe allowing the bunion deformity to begin to correct.

To see what a corrected foot’s arch-up alignment looks like, please note the image on the right side above Huge Arch.

Here’s what you need to understand: the above pictures are of the same person’s foot.

In the first picture, there is no arch because the impression is made weight bearing.

Most bunion orthotics on the market are made from this deformed foot position which means the orthotic will not improve the passage of force over the big toe specific to individual needs.

Here at Arizona Orthotics we proudly offer the only medical-grade made-from-scratch custom foot orthotic designed to correct the cause of your bunion and the MASS position 3D impression is how we do it.