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It turns out HOW they're made Actually Matters.

Here at Arizona Orthotics, we first make a 3-D Impression of each foot in MASS.

Shouldn't the 3-D impression match each foot's corrected shape?!

We think so.

Also, since feet aren't identical, shouldn't custom foot orthotics look different when compared side-by-side?

side by side custom foot orthotics

We think so.

Feet usually are not identical when compared side-by-side.

Take a look down at your own now.

There's a good chance they're not mirror-images of one another - like most!Feet are not identicalAll the more reason for an accurate 3-D impression of each foot.

As a result, each foot is supported in the posture required to best absorb gravity.

Noteworthy is the acronym used to describe this process, MASS.

Watch Dr. Doperak make a MASS impression & learn lots more about MASS here.MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression is Seated.But wait, there's more.

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Custom Foot Orthotics must FLEX to match individual specifics.

Most noteworthy is how our custom foot orthotics match the flexibility requirements of each customer.

Requirements such as body weight and history of foot injury.

For example, if one foot is more flexible than the other we take that into account.

Body weight?

Also taken into account!

Calibration takes ALL OF IT into account!

Precision Calibration for Comfort VW edition

Just Right Flexibility & Comfort design!

Explore in more detail the wonder of precision calibration here.

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 Made from scratch to match the individual.

Welcome to the next generation of custom foot orthotics.

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Customer Comments

"How much is it worth to you to finally be pain free? I had a botched first metatarsal fusion, (screws were too long) which snowballed into damaging the tendons under my foot that controlled my ankle muscles, and required ankle surgery. Once healed, every step elicited pain. I went to see Dr. Dave at AZ Orthotics, and he took a casting of my feet for custom orthotics.

It was THE BEST MOVE I EVER MADE! Now I can go through the day pain free. I am walking the dog, shopping, and living my life pain free. Custom orthotics are worth every penny."
-- Rebecca Kemak, Phoenix

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