52 Bones & Kinetic Chain Function

26 Bones Per Foot,

2 Feet,

52 Highly Influential Bones!

Athletes tend to concern themselves most with kinetic chain function, but it concerns every one of us.

The Kinetic Chain describes the communication between 3 bodily systems:

nerve system – skeletal system – muscular system

The Kinetic Chain clearly communicates with important systems.

The kinetic chain therefore represents how force travels through the human body – smooth and with ease or kinked?

Woman in athletic clothing pointing down

These 52 Bones in your FEET represent WHERE the FORCE “Kicks Off”.

With each step these bones and joints, muscles and ligaments need to absorb shock in a particular manner as described by…

Pronation & Supination – explains how the 66 joints lock and unlock with each step, OR SHOULD lock and unlock. 

52 bones that create 66 joints designed to work as springs

In other words, kinetic chain dysfunction is bad.

Foundational Kinetic Chain Dysfunction is responsible for the abnormal wear & tear patterns of early degeneration, pain and reduced performance commonly seen in the ankle, knee, hip and spine. 

Does Your Kinetic Chain’s Foundation Need Some TLC?

Here’s how to know:

Your feet hurt,

Your feet are visibly deformed,

Your feet or knees turn in or out,

You intuitively know there’s room for improvement.

How to Correct Kinetic Chain Dysfunction?

MASS Posture | Precision Calibrated 

-Custom Foot Orthotics-

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