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-It turns out HOW your Custom Foot Orthotic is made ACTUALLY MATTERS-

Custom Foot Orthotics describe a product that's made-from-scratch as shown in the picture above.

Additionally, a custom foot orthotic should be made to cradle each foots corrected shape.

Furthermore, since they're suppose to help feet function better, they must be made perfectly flexible.

Other than that, you've got options in terms of the length, padding and top cover.


"Please don't give up - there is HOPE.

Hello, this is Dr. David J. Doperak & I PROMISE YOU THAT!

If you're still alive, your feet have Incredible Potential to Heal.

It's really that simple when you correct the underlying cause of dysfunction.

Please call me, you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain!"

We PROMISE our Custom Foot Orthotics, here at Arizona Orthotics, are unlike everything you’ve ever tried for THREE UNIQUE REASONS.

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Made-From-Scratch | MASS Posture | Precision Calibration

Unique Quality Number One - MADE FROM SCRATCH.

Everything off the shelf, sold on-line & at local retailers including The Good Feet Store is premade.

Made in Advance is NOT Custom - EVER!

Unique Quality Number Two - MASS POSTURE.

What’s different?

Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization describes the foot’s highest posture at mid-stance.

This 3-D SEATED Impression will ultimately determine the shape of your custom orthotic.

MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression is Seated.

Arizona Orthotics proudly offers the only MASS posture custom foot orthotic on the market.

That's important because it represents the highest arch up position each foot can attain.

This corrected foot shape can ONLY be taken while someone is sitting down.

For more detailed information about M.P., click here.

Unique Quality Number Three - PRECISION CALIBRATION.

What’s different?

Feet as springs are how custom foot orthotics must be made to absorb shock.

4 metal springs are bent every which way against white background

Precision Calibration is unique to our MASS posture custom foot orthotics and that matters.

Calibration takes an ordinary piece of plastic & turns it into a FLEXIBLE support designed to Optimize HOW each foot handles gravity!

All 66 Joints in the Feet MUST FLEX as designed to properly Absorb Shock.

Once you Restore Alignment, you must Optimize How the Feet Actually FLEX.

Of course this must happen specific to YOUR body weight.

For example, someone weighing 200 pounds pushes down with more force on each foot than someone who's only 100.

Also, precision calibration takes into consideration the stiffness/flexibility of each foot.

This must ALL be taken into consideration when making the BEST custom foot orthotic from scratch.

For more detailed information about P.C., click here.

All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™

Ask for MASS Posture & Precision Calibration by name!!!

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Custom Foot Orthotics!