Dr David J Doperak

Dr David J Doperak

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My Story

Dr David J Doperak BS, DC, CSPS, NSCA-CPT officially graduated in 1999 with his Chiropractic Doctorate.

Placed on Ritalin as a child for ADHD, according to those around him his face seemed “expressionless.”

Let's not forget Ritalin is a Schedule II narcotic.

That's in the same classification of drugs as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

Fortunately, his beautiful and out-spoken Italian grandmother suggested a visit to see her chiropractor - Dr Edward Rahuba.

Consequently, within months, David was able to safely discontinue the meds!

"Chiropractic care saved my childhood and put me on the path to wellness."

"Today, my focus is Foundational Restoration & Optimization™."

"25% of all the body's bones, 66 joints, 107 ligaments, 200 muscles - IN THE FEET!"

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Spine Remodeling Certification from Chiropractic BioPhysics aka Clinical Biomechanics of Posture.

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Certified Special Population Specialist® Dr David J Doperak is Arizona’s 1st CSPS.NSCA Certification Logo - CSPSNSCA-CPT - National Strength & Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer.NSCA Certification Logo - NSCA-CPTPublished authorPatient Safety & Quality Healthcare... full article here.

Founder & Developer: Roman Chair Spine Snake - a training manual for graceful spine aging.

Why does Dr. Dave, as his patients lovingly call him, have such a passion for foot biomechanics?Dr David J Doperak

“When each foot properly absorbs shock, wear-and-tear stress traveling from the foot UP the entire Kinetic Chain is absorbed as designed. Graceful ageing is the result."

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“Thanks to the tireless work & vision of world renowned Dr. Edward Glaser DPM, we’re able to transform an otherwise ordinary piece of plastic into a FLEXIBLE support able to Optimize How Each Foot Handles Gravity!"


MASS Posture | Precision Calibrated