Dr. David J. Doperak

My Story

Dr David J Doperak BS, DC, CSPS, NSCA-CPT officially graduated in 1999 with his Chiropractic Doctorate.

Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare published author: Evidence-Based Review Promotes Evidence-Based... full article here.

Post graduate work includes a Spine Remodeling Certification from Chiropractic BioPhysics aka Clinical Biomechanics of Posture and 2 Certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Dr. Doperak is Arizona’s 1st CSPS & a Certified Personal Trainer.

“Thanks to the tireless work & vision of world renowned Dr. Edward Glaser DPM, we’re able to transform an otherwise ordinary piece of plastic into a FLEXIBLE support able to Optimize How YOUR Feet Work as Springs!"

Why does Dr. Dave, as his patients lovingly call him, have such a passion for foot biomechanics?

He replies, “When each foot can properly absorb shock, wear-and-tear stress traveling from the foot UP the entire Kinetic Chain is absorbed as designed & graceful ageing is the result. Thanks to MASS Posture & Precision Calibration, Arizona Orthotics Proudly Offers the Best Medical-Grade Custom Foot Orthotic available."


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