Adjusting the Roman Chair & Yourself

woman holding hands in air as if to say, "Really?"

Whether you’re a member at the local gym or have your own Roman Chair, always make adjustments to best match your body.

Regardless of the Roman Chair (45 degree tilt or horizontal):

Inspect Equipment
Put your hands on it: shake it, lean on it.
If it’s wobbly, something is loose.
Proceed with caution or fix it, otherwise, don’t use it.
Safety first – always!

Adjust Pelvic Pad
Top of pelvic pad comfortably adjusted to the pelvic crease as shown below.

Adjust & Secure Lower Extremity
Place your lower legs (calves/shin) in front of the pad so as you lay forward over the pelvic pad, your lower body is held in place securely.

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