-Unhealthy Feet are the #1 Enemy to Graceful Aging-

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You Interested in Aging Gracefully?

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Then please consider protecting the body's foundation - 52 bones.

26 bones per foot

"I have yet to see someone with poor foot health, a bad foundation, age gracefully! We can change that!"

Dr. David J. Doperak

-Poor Foot Alignment EQUALS Poor Shock Absorption!-

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And that's not good, especially if you plan to age gracefully.

Would you even consider for a moment jumping up and down WITHOUT BENDING THE KNEES?

Of course not, yet that's the same shock the body is now forced to absorb when the feet stop working as designed.

When the Body's Foundation Fails to Absorb Shock, wear & tear begins.

Instead of the feet absorbing shock, stress is Immediately Transferred UP.

Stress transferred up and into the Ankle, Knee, Hip & Spine!

Where it doesn't belong - not good for graceful aging!!!twisting up above due to flat foot

Point Being: wear-and-tear is NOT consistent with graceful aging!

Isn't it time to optimize how your feet handle gravity?!!!

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Time to tip the proverbial scales in favor of healing?!

It's time to turn each foot back into an efficient spring able to absorb shock.

Absorbing the downward stress of body weight plus gravity with each step allowing it to continue up with ease.

That's the secret!

More specifically, here's the TWO STEP secret to aging gracefully from the ground up.

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Age Gracefully | MASS Posture

First, we capture each foot in MASS.

How the 3-D impression is made is rather important.

Ultimately this impression will determine the shape of what goes into each shoe.

The shape of each orthotic should probably match each foot's best position, don't you think?

Why put something under the foot NOT made to match each foot's BEST POSITION?  MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression Taken SeatedMASS is the highest position - 26 bones - 33 joints - per foot!

We're talking about 25% of all the body's bones.

Take care of the body's foundation - you're walking around 25% of all the body's bones.

The higher the arch, the more time you have to absorb shock each time the heel hits the ground.

For most, that's over 10,000 times per day.

Poor foot function & poor shock absorption 10,000 times per day is not part of any graceful aging strategy we're aware of. You?

BIGGER SPRING means more time to absorb shock.

Age Gracefully | Precision Calibration Technology

Secondly, Arizona Orthotics proudly calibrates every made-from-scratch foot orthotic to FLEX & Match...

Body Weight, Foot Flexibility, & Activity Level!

That's how we're able to turn the feet back into a Powerful Shock Absorbers!

-That’s Foundational Optimization-

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Experience the Magic of MASS & Calibration for yourself, stop wear-and-tear stress, then get back to aging gracefully.