-Unhealthy Feet are the #1 Enemy to Graceful Ageing-

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You Interested in Ageing Gracefully?

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Then PLEASE Protect Your Foundation!

I have yet to see someone with poor foot health, a bad foundation if you will, age gracefully! The body simply is not designed to handle that sorta beating over a lifetime. We can change that!"

Dr. David J. Doperak

-Poor Foot Alignment EQUALS Poor Shock Absorption!-

And that's not good, especially when you consider your long-term ability to adapt - ageing gracefully is a lifestyle.

When the Body's Foundation Fails to Properly Absorb Shock, Wear-&-Tear Stress is Transferred UP into the Ankle, Knee, Hip & Spine with EVERY STEP.twisting up above due to flat foot

Wear-and-tear is NOT consistent with graceful ageing!

In fact, it's the Number ONE sign of how poorly you've been adapting over your lifetime.

Isn't it time to change that?!!! To tip the proverbial scales in the favor of healing instead of the progressive road of degeneration?!

-Age Gracefully via Foundational Restoration & Optimization-


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1. Restore Optimal Foot Alignment via MASS Posture.MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression Taken Seated

That’s 52 Bones, RESTORED into Optimal Alignment.

2. Optimize Foot Function via Precision Calibration.

Precision Calibration is How we're able to Match the Flexibility of Every Orthotic Shell to important things like...

-Your Body Weight, Your Foot Flexibility & Your Activity Level-

Precision Calibrated to FLEX | Custom Foot Orthotics

This is How we're able to turn Each Foot back into a Powerful Shock Absorber!

-That’s Foundational Optimization-

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Experience the Magic of MASS & Calibration personally.

Join the Ranks of others Ageing Gracefully from the ground up who committed to making the change!