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Fashion Meets Function: Arizona Orthotics Unveils the First and Only High Heel Custom Calibrated Foot Orthotic

For women who enjoy wearing stilettos, Arizona Orthotics unveils the first and only high heel custom calibrated foot orthotic that doesn’t compromise on style.

Love the Heels, Save Your Sole!

Arizona Orthotics’ Dr. David J. Doperak Becomes Arizona’s First Certified Special Populations Specialist (CSPS)

Dr. Dave just became the first Certified Special Populations Specialist (CSPS) in the state of Arizona.

As one of National Strength and Conditioning Associations’ most specialized certifications, Dr. Doperak’s achievement has further demonstrated his commitment to helping under-served groups in Arizona.

Spring Marathon Season Is In Full Swing: How to Stay Safe 

Even after performance technique is mastered, one constant remains – GRAVITY. If gravity ceased to exist so would the principle of Ground Reactive Force (GRF).

“The way in which the body handles the shock wave of force every time the foot hits the ground will always be an issue,” explained Dr. Doperak. “We are excited to offer advice and solutions for a simple and effective way to combat GRF to help runners reduce their risk of injury.”

Tips to Eliminate Plantar Fasciitis with Accuracy and Precision

Sick and tired of stretching, strengthening, night splints, medication, icing, injections, shockwave therapy & shoe inserts that FAIL LONG TERM?!

According to Arizona Orthotics, there’s a reason these therapies don’t work – gravity.

Arizona Orthotics Debunks Common Myth That All Custom Foot Orthotics Are Created Equal

The premier custom orthotics authority explains the different levels of custom foot orthotics & How to Choose the Best Fit for a Specific Need.

Arizona Orthotics Unveils Optically Calibrated Diabetic Foot Orthotic

Arizona Orthotics is pleased to offer the new optically calibrated diabetic foot orthotic. 

The ulceration of today is the amputation of tomorrow. This is not a joke! How your feet handle gravity makes all the difference in the world. Save your feet, save your life! Stay Mobile!!!