Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection

foundational restoration protection from gravity - Arizona Orthotics

Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection Protection from that constant pounding of each foot against the hard concrete thanks to gravity.  Offering protection from crappy shoes literally made to fit nothing other than the size of each foot. Protection from the pre-made, the mass produced, the not-made-for-you “options” available everywhere! In our opinion, although this should be…

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Shoe Inserts: An Unwise Decision

shoe inserts

Shoe inserts vary widely from the real cheap to the rather expensive. However, all inserts have “one huge thing” in common. – They’re Pre-made – For example, Wal-Mart sells the most famous of the pre-mades… Dr. Scholl’s. And then there’s Amazon, with the largest selection of the good ‘ol made-in-advance. That’s right – they’re made…

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Center For Athletic Performance & Arizona Orthotics

Rebuilding Champions - center for athletic performance

First of all, Arizona Orthotics Is Not Affiliated with the Center For Athletic Performance. Buyer Beware! In other words, the Center For Athletic Performance is NOT Arizona Orthotics approved! Yet, Search the Google 😉 “help for foot pain” or “help for plantar fasciitis” and the confusion begins. -Judge for Yourself-Who’s the person searching for help meeting with…

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Grow Them Bones

skeleton posed in numerous positions

Which therapy helps grow them bones you ask?! Some believe its physical therapy, others chiropractic. Others choose Rolfing or structural integration. So many options when it comes to a short leg, but one must ask: Which therapy literally helps grow them bones BEST? Surprise! Not a single one. Not one therapy helps grow bone. “Grow…

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One Short Leg, One Big Problem

one short leg, one big problem

One short leg? That’s a leg length deficiency. Two short legs? How about four? One short leg is a big problem whereas two or four are not – the balance remains. The vertically challenged cannot expect to suffer with osteoarthritis like those with, literally, bones shorter on one side.  Not a problem because the foundation is level.…

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