Can one short leg sabotage physical therapy results?

Yes, one short leg can sabotage physical therapy results, especially when said therapy is designed to improve function of a lower extremity or the spine. Imagine spending countless hours working with a physical therapist to improve function for an ankle, knee or hip problem while wearing just one shoe. Sabotage! Effective therapy requires a level…

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A Structural Short Leg Is Always Functional, but not the other way around

listening on with curiosity

“My doctor said I have a short leg, but I’ve been treated for months now and I’m still hurting.” “According to my physical therapist my short leg is related to my pelvis rotation, we been treating for months and there’s no long-term relief.” “My trainer said my short leg is caused by a muscle imbalance,…

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Avoid Stress Fractures with Custom Foot Orthotics from Arizona Orthotics

x-ray of feet

In 2001, researchers learned a high foot arch & structural short leg both increase the risk of stress fractures. Avoid Stress Fractures with Custom Foot Orthotics from Arizona Orthotics. Biomechanically, the foot is designed to help absorb shock by working as a spring against body weight and gravity. Folks with a high arch struggle to…

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Why full contact arch support is essential for optimal foot function

Why is full contact arch support essential for optimal foot function? Because the feet are the body’s foundation! How they absorb shock actually matters. Here’s the math: 26 bones per foot X’s 2 feet for a grand total of 52 bones. The alignment of these 52 bones have absolute control over whether the feet will…

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Spend that HSA or FSA money before years end

Woman holding clock in hopes of what's to come

If have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) there’s a chance you’re running out of time. Many times one learns only once it’s too late their HSA or FSA money is lost when not spent before years end. This is something you definitely want to confirm with the manager of your…

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