3 Things Your Physical Therapist May Never Tell You About Your Short Leg

say what?!

Your physical therapy results may be temporary Your leg short is not caused by muscle imbalance Help is available elsewhere Is your short leg structural? If you don’t know, it’s worth finding out. If you DO NOT CORRECT the CAUSE of a problem, it sticks with you – typically forever. You grew asymmetrically, meaning your…

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Custom Foot Orthotics – PICTURES – MASS Posture | Precision Calibrated

Off-set front view left custom foot orthotic with a blue ultra suede topcover

Arizona Orthotics: Unique in 3 Ways – Truly Custom Made from Scratch, MASS Posture 3-D Impression, and Machine Calibrated to FLEX Specific to Body-weight & Lifestyle.Restoring alignment to 25% of the body’s bones is no small feat.  MASS Posture is HOW we’re able to capture each foot’s authentic alignment and that makes a difference.  Disclosure:…

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Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – Predict Your Future Today

pain free is not problem free - predict your future

  You CAN Identify a Foot Problem BEFORE there’s pain & therein lies YOUR Opportunity to Predict Your Future. Pain Free is certainly nice, but pain free does not predict a pain free future. In other words, Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – EVER! Pain is a SYMPTOM. Pain Describes What You Feel –…

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High Heels: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

love the heels, save your sole. woman standing in heels looking as cool as a cucumber

As the height of the heel goes up, the stress of gravity must come down… with even more vengeance. Consider how you feel wearing a small 2” heel compared to a stiletto – as the Heel Goes Up, the more rapidly your feet deform. We can’t control time, ageing or gravity, but we can transfer stress…

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