Plantar Fasciitis & Panaway Essential Oil

picture of Dr. Dave applying Panaway essential oil to the right foot of a patient lying prone

Correct the cause of plantar fasciitis with our unique, MASS Posture/Precision Calibrated, Custom Foot Orthotics specifically designed to optimize HOW each foot handles gravity specific to only you THEN sprinkle on some PANAWAY and watch the body’s amazing healing capacity go to work! PANAWAY from Young Living contains natures bounty in the form of 4…

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Piestewa Peak, PHX AZ, & Today’s Solar Eclipse

8.21.2017 solar eclipse phx az

Enjoy these pictures taken from the top of Piestewa Peak earlier today.  The energy up there was fantastic. Surrounded by great people, conversation, and of course those flying ant eating squirrels 😉 9:45am 10:32am 10:33am Make it a great day friends!!!

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8/20/2017, 5pm Meetup – 8.21.2017 Solar Eclipse, Essential Oils, & Intention Setting

8/20/2017, 5pm Meetup – 8.21.2017 Solar Eclipse, Essential Oils, & Intention Setting -Welcome- What is a solar eclipse? When is it okay to look up? Which 4 planets can I expect to see? What’s that smell? Into the Future™ essential oil ingredients & key constituent research How to set your Solar Eclipse Intentions in Motion…

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How does Arizona Orthotics Differ from The Good Feet Store?

woman with arms up in arm suggesting she is weighing her options

In so many ways and thank God!   Arizona Orthotics: made from scratch custom foot orthotics. The Good Feet Store: pre-made arch supports and cushions.   Arizona Orthotics: Made from a mold of each foot’s unique shape. The Good Feet Store: Free fitting for your shoe size.   Arizona Orthotics: No inventory. The Good Feet…

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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Freaks – 8/21/2017 Solar Eclipse, Essential Oils, & Intention Setting

Essential Oil & Aromatherapy FREAKS logo

A freak is a person unusually enthusiastic about something very specific. Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Freaks is a brand spanking new Meetup freaky about Essential Oils & Aromatherapy RESEARCH. Join us on the 20th to set forth a flow of positive energy that has the potential to endure for years to come.   Everything that…

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