Overpronation and Hallux Valgus

Hallux Valgus

-Hallux Valgus, aka Bunion, is the Result of Overpronation… Over Time- Pronation is when your foot unlocks or flattens as your heel hits the ground to help decelerate your bodyweight. Pronation is the beginning of shock absorption at the foot. When your foot fails to properly transition from pronation into supination… OVERPRONATION. Overpronation means the…

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Digital Mapping Technology & Pressure Plates

Digital Pressure Plate

If your home was ON FIRE, would your main concern be the temperature? If your child was being crushed by a car, would you really care WHERE the pressure was? “PUT THE DAMN FIRE OUT,” you’d scream! “Get that Dang Car OFF my child,” again screaming! Yet, when it comes to selecting the best fit…

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Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization Explained

-MASS Posture- How the 3-D Impression of each foot is made ACTUALLY MATTERS! Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization is captured SEATED. MASS Posture Is How We Capture Each Foot’s Corrected Arch-Up Alignment. Standing pushes your arch DOWN and causes your foot to widen. Standing impressions DO NOT CLARIFY the necessary support position of each foot. Standing…

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Expensive Shoe Insert, Insole or Arch Support vs Custom Foot Orthotics

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

-Made in Advance vs Made from Scratch- Pre-made: made in advance. Everything mass produced from local stores such as Good Feet & Foot Solutions.  All those expensive shoe inserts, insoles and arch supports in stock, in the package and on the shelf. Everything mass produced and for sale from on-line retailers like Amazon & Superfeet.  …

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Why Most Custom Products Fail to Pass the Test

fail to pass the test

-PASS or FAIL- If there’s space between your arch and your custom product, it failed! In other words, if it’s not making full contact, your foot cannot heal. Most custom products are premade and fail to actually change whats important over the long haul. How do your pre-made arch supports from Good Feet match up? How…

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