The Big Toe Rules the Foot

big toe rules the foot

-King of the Castle or King of the Foot!- The Big Toe plays a King-Size role in the passage of force as each foot transitions between Pronation & Supination. The BIG Toe Rules the Foot describes the importance of optimal big toe function for overall foot efficiency. Without “propulsion” walking is much harder than it should be…

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Orthotics for Big Toe Arthritis

Big Toe Arthritis

Force travels through the foot with ease when all the bones, muscles, joints and ligaments work in-sync. Someone with big toe arthritis will describe a deep, achy, or sharp pain when moving the big toe. Typically there is no pain at rest as with most foot problems. Big Toe Arthritis: the end result of wear-and-tear. Orthotics for Big…

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Orthotics for Metatarsalgia

Orthotics for metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia describes a painful foot problem characterized by inflammation under the “lesser balls” of the foot near the toes. Metatarsalgia is caused by a flat and floppy foot unable to properly handle gravity and your body weight. When your foot stops properly absorbing shock as designed, as shown in the video below, ALL THAT STRESS…

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Custom Foot Orthotics & Hammertoes

Hammer Toe

When specifically designed to MATCH each foot’s Authentic Arch Up Alignment and Precision Calibrated for Flexibility, Custom Foot Orthotics Correct the Cause of Hammertoes! As the foot lengthens, the muscles that bend the toes downward DOMINATE. In contrast, the muscles that straighten the toes lose their ability to do so effectively. This causes the affected…

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Plantar Fasciitis: One Cause, One Cure

Plantar Fasciitis

To correct the cause of plantar fasciitis, optimize how the feet handle gravity. Each foot moves through 2 general motions with every step – pronation and supination (:13 in above video). Years of standing and walking on concrete, with footwear that fails to account for the specific needs of the individual, is why the arch begins…

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