Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

fingers crossed

Put that delicate bare foot into a shoe, and… Can you hear that? That’s your brain-body connection screaming, “Feet don’t fail me now!” Shoes make feet weak. Why not stronger? It’s called General Adaptation Syndrome and was first written about by Hungarian-born Hans Selye in the British journal Nature back in 1936. Feet don’t fail…

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What’s The Foot Supposed To Do?

the foot

What’s The Foot Supposed To Do? Hold up your entire body – foundational support. Support your body with every step – shock absorption. Communicate terrain feedback to the brain – neurological influence. What’s the foot supposed to do? All of the above! But, that’s usually not what it’s doing. That’s usually not what’s happening, is it?…

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Top 3 Reasons Your Custom Foot Orthotic Isn’t Working

Woman holding aching heel

Top 3 Reasons Your Custom Foot Orthotic Isn’t Working Reason #1 You were standing during the evaluation. How did you stop your body weight and gravity from squishing each foot down? How can you see the arch up needs of each foot standing then? Reason #2 Your custom foot orthotic is comfortable, not corrective. Does…

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Arizona Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, Foot Problems & Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source

Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source™

My Doctor of Chiropractic says I have a foot problem, but does NOT offer a solution. Now what?! Here we come to save the day!!! Dr. Dave developed Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source™ specifically for AZ licensed chiropractic physicians who have no interest in offering custom foot orthotics in their own clinic. Arizona Orthotics proudly serves…

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3 Things Your Physical Therapist May Never Tell You About Your Short Leg

say what?!

Your physical therapy results may be temporary Your leg short is not caused by muscle imbalance Help is available elsewhere Is your short leg structural? If you don’t know, it’s worth finding out. If you DO NOT CORRECT the CAUSE of a problem, it sticks with you – typically forever. You grew asymmetrically, meaning your…

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