History of Roman Chair Exercise

Historically, Roman Chair Exercise involves 1 of 3 Repetitive Movements in ONLY 1 body plane at a time. What a shame 🙁 These 3 boring Roman Chair Exercise movements include: 1. Flexion, Extension, and Hyperextension Lying face down, this repetitive up & down movement is focused on strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, and lumbar spine in…

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Roman Chair Spine Snake – a training manual for graceful spine aging

Roman Chair Spine Snake – a training manual for graceful spine aging is FINALLY available at eBook retailers everywhere. No more guessing what to do with the Roman Chair. Envisioned by Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. David J. Doperak, Roman Chair Spine Snake is Real-World-Applicable Functional Spine Training utilizing the Roman Chair. Learn how to safely…

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Choose Custom NOT The Good Feet Store

woman with arms up in arm suggesting she is weighing her options

Choose Custom & NOT The Good Feet Store for so many reasons! Why Custom Foot Orthotics & NOT The Good Feet Store: For starters, The Good Feet Store does not make 3-D impressions of each foot.  They offer pre-made, off the shelf, arch supports and cushions too – from inventory! Let’s not forget about their amazing free fitting…

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Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection

foundational restoration protection from gravity - Arizona Orthotics

Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection Protection from that constant pounding of each foot against the hard concrete thanks to gravity.  Offering protection from crappy shoes literally made to fit nothing other than the size of each foot. Protection from the pre-made, the mass produced, the not-made-for-you “options” available everywhere! In our opinion, although this should be…

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Shoe Inserts: An Unwise Decision?

shoe inserts

Shoe inserts vary widely from the real cheap to the rather expensive. However, all inserts have “one huge thing” in common. – They’re Pre-made – For example, Wal-Mart sells the most famous of the pre-mades… Dr. Scholl’s. And then there’s Amazon, with the largest selection of the good ‘ol made-in-advance. That’s right – they’re made…

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