Why Most Custom Orthotics Products Fail to Pass the Test

fail to pass the test

-PASS or FAIL- If there’s space between your arch and your custom product, it failed! In other words, if it’s not making full contact, your foot cannot heal. Most custom products are premade and fail to actually change whats important over the long haul. How do your pre-made arch supports from Good Feet match up? How…

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What Every Athlete Should Know About Sports Performance

Sports performance enhanced

VIDEO: What Every Athlete Should Know About Sports Performance. -Healthy & Powerful Feet Offer a Competitive Advantage- Healthy and powerful feet is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT component for success. -Your FEET Are Your Only Contact with THE GROUND- Athletes understand that proper foot function inherently controls the alignment of the entire body. When aligned properly,…

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The Ugly Truth About Custom Inventory


WHAT INVENTORY? Custom Inventory is the Perfect Oxymoron! According to Dr. Doperak, “If you can buy a custom product for your feet off-the-shelf or off-the-internet RUN FOR THE HILLS – it’s a lie.” -Most Industry Products ARE Premade- Popular brands like Superfeet, Walkfit, and Dr. Scholls just to name a few. -Here’s the Problem with…

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One Simple Way to Prevent Running Injuries

-According to RRCA Certified Running Coach Ashley Crossman– “My custom orthotics from Arizona Orthotics have helped my running tremendously. Not only have they helped keep my feet healthy from recurring bouts of plantar fasciitis, but they have also made me a more efficient runner. My entire body feels better when I run with the orthotics,…

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Custom Foot Orthotic Accuracy & Precision

perfect choice custom foot orthotic

-CUSTOM Requires Accuracy & Precision- Accuracy begins with a seated 3-D foot impression.  Accuracy is the difference between restoring optimal alignment specific to individual needs versus transferring force to a lesser stressed area of the foot for short-term relief.  Here’s HOW we capture each foot’s Authentic 3-D Shape – VIDEO. As you will see, sitting prevents…

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