High Heel Custom Foot Orthotics – Have a Comfortable Day!

High Heel Custom Foot Orthotics

-Women Have Sacrificed Foot Health in the Name of Fashion for the Last Time- As soon as the foot slides into your favorite pair of designer heels, the natural distribution of force is immediately altered. As a result, the Foot Begins to Malfunction & Deform.  Arizona Orthotics proudly introduces the First & Only medical-grade precision…

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Diabetic Foot Orthotic – Save Your Foot!

Diabetic Foot Orthotic

-An Estimated 84% of Amputations Among Diabetics Are Preceded by a Foot Ulcer- Arizona Orthotics, the next generation of custom foot orthotics, is pleased to introduce its latest orthotic… …the first and only Optically Calibrated Diabetic Foot Orthotic. The new optical calibration orthotic uses a softer plastic to equally distribute repetitive force across the entire…

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