Foot Arch Restoration Explained

Foot Arch Restoration

When the feet can no longer RESIST gravity at 100%… Foot Arch Restoration may be just what you need! Allow us to explain. The arch of each foot is responsible for support, stability and shock absorption. Once the arch drops, the entire structure is weakened. Now the foot can no longer provide the necessary shock absorption against…

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Pronation & Supination Explained

pronation and supination

 -Pronation & Supination Means SHOCK ABSORPTION- Explained less technically… the 33 joints per foot need to UNLOCK & then LOCK properly each time the foot hits the ground… TO ABSORB SHOCK! Pronation is when the 33 joints of the foot UNLOCK as the heel hits the ground.  This is the beginning of shock absorption. In order…

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3-D Laser Scan MASS

Laser Scan

-Check Out the Height of that Arch!- 3-D Laser Scan MASS VIDEO Arizona Orthotics proudly offers the only MASS Posture Custom Foot Orthotic on the market! MASS Posture is designed to actually change foot alignment and function during weight-bearing activities. This corrected arch-up foot posture can ONLY be Captured SEATED! The resulting plastic shell of each custom…

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Treat for Foot Shock! Time as our Enemy

treat for shock

“Watch me now”… “Here I go again”…says the foot each time it’s forced to absorb 30% more shock than designed with EVERY STEP. Screaming for Relief, Begging for Help! Over time, this shockwave of force is certainly our enemy… this pounding results in the wear-and-tear breakdown that slowly, over-time, results in pain, deformity and ultimately…

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Orthotics for Low Back Pain

orthotics for back pain

When suffering with low back pain,  it only makes sense to consider how well the feet absorb shock. Feet represent the foundation for the entire body. Considering 3.5 Times Your Body Weight Passes Through Each Foot with Every Step, how well the feet function matters! That’s a lot of stress headed right up and into the…

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