Custom Foot Orthotics – PICTURES – MASS Posture | Precision Calibrated

Off-set front view left custom foot orthotic with a blue ultra suede topcover

Arizona Orthotics: Unique in 3 Ways – Truly Custom Made from Scratch, MASS Posture 3-D Impression, and Machine Calibrated to FLEX Specific to Body-weight & Lifestyle.Restoring alignment to 25% of the body’s bones is no small feat.  MASS Posture is HOW we’re able to capture each foot’s authentic alignment and that makes a difference.  Disclosure:…

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Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – Predict Your Future Today

pain free is not problem free - predict your future

  You CAN Identify a Foot Problem BEFORE there’s pain & therein lies YOUR Opportunity to Predict Your Future. Pain Free is certainly nice, but pain free does not predict a pain free future. In other words, Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – EVER! Pain is a SYMPTOM. Pain Describes What You Feel –…

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High Heels: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

love the heels, save your sole. woman standing in heels looking as cool as a cucumber

As the height of the heel goes up, the stress of gravity must come down… with even more vengeance. Consider how you feel wearing a small 2” heel compared to a stiletto – as the Heel Goes Up, the more rapidly your feet deform. We can’t control time, ageing or gravity, but we can transfer stress…

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Please Don’t Give Up – Happy Feet are just a step away

lying down in grass with feet highlighted and painted with a happy face

-Just a step away is Arizona Orthotics, proud sponsor of HOPE-  “What a fantastic life I am NOW living… what a life saver” Ric “How much is it worth to you to finally be pain free? I had a botched first metatarsal fusion” Rebecca We constantly hear from patients & see first-hand how other doctors…

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Pretend Custom Orthotics & Google

Snippit: Deceptive Google Search Engine Results for Custom Orthotics

When you think of Google you may think… efficient search engine, but what if there was a flaw? What if Google failed to recognize the difference between pre-made vs custom?! Truth is Google is showcasing pre-made products as custom & THAT’S DECEPTIVE! Google would probably be incredibly upset to learn their “algorithm” DID NOT HELP us…

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