Bunion Bootie: Let’s Take a Closer Look

Bunion Bootie

Here’s a close up picture of the bunion bootie.

Bunion Bootie Picture

If you were to hold it in your hand, you would notice that it’s very soft and very flexible.

It feels somewhat like an ACE bandage, but thinner.

According to the manufacturer, the bunion bootie is able to do the following:

  1. Protect your bunion.
  2. Straighten your valgus deformity, and
  3. Rehabilitate your hallux valgus.

This is what the Bunion Bootie website suggests is possible with this .4mm bootie.

Visit Amazon to purchase the Bunion Bootie and it states, Bunion Bootie is the complete package; protective, corrective, practical, comfortable, & discrete!” 

Let’s take a closer look, one claim at a time.

Then, we’ll consider whether these claims are simply too good to be true.

First Claim: Protection

Bunion sufferers know all about the friction this deformity creates inside a shoe.

Friction creates heat, tissue breakdown and blisters making an already painful condition worse.

We give the Bunion Bootie an A+ for protection.

This bootie is sleek enough to be worn under a sock providing an additional .4mm layer of protection against friction. 

Love it!

Second Claim: Straighten

Bunions are a sign your foot is not properly handling the stress of your body weight and gravity while standing.

This means, unless the proposed treatment can improve the way your foot handles gravity, is has ZERO potential to straighten the valgus stress responsible for your bunion deformity long-term.

According to the manufacturer, “By anchoring the Bootie around the ankle, the big toe is gently pulled away from the other toes, often improving balance and restoring a more natural alignment.” 

The Bunion Bootie may certainly help straighten the big toe, but only while seated or lying down.


As soon as you stand up…BAM!


In other words, the soft flexible nature of this product can never support each foot in its arch-up position necessary to optimally fight off the stress of gravity plus body-weight forcing each arch DOWN and the big toe to turn outwards (it’s a compensation).

This means The Cause of the deformity remains, the bunion worsens over time, and you get to spend lots of time playing around with the bootie.

We give the Bunion Bootie a F for straighten.

Third Claim: Rehabilitate

Rehabilitate means to bring back to a normal, healthy condition.

Remember gravity?


We also give the Bunion Bootie a F for rehabilitate.

The Bunion Bootie cannot rehabilitate your bunion because it fails to address the cause of your bunion.


Score: 33% (1 claim true, 2 false)

Buyer Beware: The claims being made by Bunion Bootie are clearly too good to be true!

Grade: F

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