Bunion Surgery as a Last Resort


If you believe Bunion Surgery is your only option, we’re glad you’re reading this.

If you’ve already had bunion surgery, we’re sorry you didn’t find us earlier.  

Here’s what your Bunion Surgeon Doesn’t want you to know.

Surgery does not correct the cause of a bunion!

Surgery will certainly help reduce the visible deformity, but has NO Potential to improve the way the foot works.

Photo of Podiatrist performing bunion surgery. © Photographer – James C. Mutter / Podiatrist Kamran Jamshidinia, MD. From Wikimedia Commons.

And, it’s poor foot function that causes a bunion after all!

Bunion Surgery as a Last Resort

When your foot can no longer hold you up, it flattens & your big toe turns toward the outside of your foot to compensate.

For Example: Imagine yourself in a canoe. 

If the canoe is about to tip over to the left, you naturally lean to the right.

That’s a compensation and that’s a bunion.

It’s the big toes attempt to create balance due to a fallen arch.

Point Being: You DO NOT have a bunion because you have not had surgery!

Bunions are caused by overpronation, over time, NOT a lack of surgery.

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