Bunion Treatments That Just Don’t Work

surgery does not work for bunion treatment

“In order for ANY bunion treatment to really work it must actually correct what’s causing the bunion.”

Who said it?

Dr. Dave with Arizona Orthotics did.

Amazing nobody ever thought of this before – it’s common sense after all.

If the bunion treatment you’re considering fails to actually correct the cause of your bunion, it’s simply covering up the pain and inflammation.

It’s just like getting punched in the face.

Unless the person stops punching your face, you’re going to continue to have a problem that WILL worsen over time.

In the case of your bunion, the cause is a fallen arch that forces your big toe to turn towards the outside of your body.

In other words, if you have a bunion, your foot isn’t properly handling the stress of your body weight and gravity; the fact that you have a bunion is proof.

Therefore, unless the bunion treatment you choose can truly optimize how your foot handles gravity, you’re wasting your money.

FACT: Bunion Treatments that fail to correct the cause of your bunion don’t work.

And, oh boy…unfortunately for you, there’s a HUGE list of bunion treatments that completely fail to hit the mark.

Here are some of our favorite failures.

Bunion Bootie – the bunion bootie is incredibly popular due to a ton of marketing, but fails to do anything about the gravity against body weight issue. Wearing this soft and flexible splint separates the big toe from the others, but is quickly overwhelmed when you stand up.

Do you want to feel better or actually get better?!

YogaPro YogaToes – complete joke! This product is a spacer between your toes and since it fails to address the fallen arch that has caused your bunion it simply does not work.

Massage – there is no amount of massage in the world that will hold the 26 bones of each foot UP against your bodyweight and gravity. It’s physically impossible. Massage works the rubber band like muscles. Your bunion problem is related to the seat belt like ligamentous support. Go out to your car and show us how easy it is to stretch your seatbelt. Ligaments are like seatbelts and you can’t massage a ligament.

Surgery – you don’t have a bunion because you have yet to be violently cut on. Get a grip!
How in world does a scalpel hold your arch UP to prevent the compensatory valgus stress at the big toe responsible for your bunion?

And, sadly, this list of products that just keeps going on and on is seemingly endless and causes those who suffer to lose hope.

Perhaps that’s the reason why the actual solution is so frequently overlooked? 

Dr Dave
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