Can custom foot orthotics help scoliosis?

before and after short leg xray pics

Yes, but only when the patient has a structural short leg that has contributed to the scoliosis.

You see, when one leg is short the sacral base becomes unlevel and the sacral base is what the entire spine rests upon.

An unlevel sacral base is equivalent to an unlevel foundation, i.e., the foundation of your home.

Imagine walking around with only one shoe all day for years – that’s a structural short leg.

Of course the spine will need to compensate for this unleveling!

When the foundation is unlevel, there’s no chance of what’s above to be straight.

Leveling the sacral base has the potential to help reduce a lot of scoliosis stress.

By measuring this unleveling we can build the correction into the custom foot orthotic – up to 9mm.

Beyond 9mm we’d need to build up the outside of each shoe on the short leg side.

Level the base and reduce the stress immediately!

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