Can one short leg sabotage physical therapy results?

Yes, one short leg can sabotage physical therapy results, especially when said therapy is designed to improve function of a lower extremity or the spine.

Imagine spending countless hours working with a physical therapist to improve function for an ankle, knee or hip problem while wearing just one shoe.


Effective therapy requires a level foundation otherwise the body’s in a perpetual state of compensation.

Another great example: imagine taking your car in for a front-end alignment, only to learn you’ve been driving around with the tires on the left inflated to 35psi while those on the right were at 25.

That’s money wasted on an alignment – the issue was the unequal left versus right sided pressure.

Increase the pressure from 25 to 35 to on the right and the cause of the problem is corrected.

One short leg represents both examples; wearing only one shoe while performing therapy and the unequal tire pressure.

And, since therapy cannot help bones grow as is the case with a structural short leg, you better believe it can most certainly sabotage all your physical therapy efforts!

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