Can problems be prevented or corrected with the use of a custom foot orthotic?

Yes. If the problem is caught early enough, pain and deformity can often be prevented. Regular use can often reverse deformity development or, at least, prevent surgery.

How? Because when you restore normal function you give your body & its foundation what it needs to heal itself.

A typical orthotic only masks your symptoms temporarily –until further deformity makes things worse.

Our custom foot orthotics are designed to optimize how your feet handle gravity.

This is how you correct the cause of foot problems for the best long-term outcome.

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Dr Dave

It turns out HOW your custom foot orthotic is made Actually Matters. Here at Arizona Orthotics We Proudly offer THE ONLY medical-grade, MASS Posture & Precision Calibrated, Custom Foot Orthotic on the market. My Mission 1. Restore HOPE to those suffering with a foot problem they fear may never go away. 2. Optimize Human Performance with a legal advantage - a foundational & biomechanical advantage. 3. Graceful Ageing - I have yet to see someone with bad foot health age gracefully. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and hope you find what you're looking for.