Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

fingers crossed

Put that delicate bare foot into a shoe, and… Can you hear that? That’s your brain-body connection screaming, “Feet don’t fail me now!” Shoes make feet weak. Why not stronger? It’s called General Adaptation Syndrome and was first written about by Hungarian-born Hans Selye in the British journal Nature back in 1936. Feet don’t fail…

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Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – Predict Your Future Today

pain free is not problem free - predict your future

  You CAN Identify a Foot Problem BEFORE there’s pain & therein lies YOUR Opportunity to Predict Your Future. Pain Free is certainly nice, but pain free does not predict a pain free future. In other words, Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – EVER! Pain is a SYMPTOM. Pain Describes What You Feel –…

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Please Don’t Give Up – Happy Feet are just a step away

lying down in grass with feet highlighted and painted with a happy face

-Just a step away is Arizona Orthotics, proud sponsor of HOPE-  “What a fantastic life I am NOW living… what a life saver” Ric “How much is it worth to you to finally be pain free? I had a botched first metatarsal fusion” Rebecca We constantly hear from patients & see first-hand how other doctors…

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Ageing Gracefully From the Ground Up

ageing gracefully from the ground up

-Unhealthy Feet are the #1 Enemy to Graceful Ageing- Just like a house, the body’s foundation must withstand the test of time! When the foundation begins to break down, the entire structure is compromised. -Fifty-Two Bones instead of a Concrete Slab- When the feet become Flat & Floppy, everything changes. Oh, you don’t have flat…

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Stay Young Forever

-Impossible- But… with a little effort, you can feel young forever. You can maximize your inborn potential. Yes, you have the potential to live a healthy & active lifestyle. -The Feet- The body’s foundation! Forced to take a beating every day. Thanks to Gravity. Thanks to Concrete. -First you Restore, then you Optimize!- When your…

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