Foot Biomechanics & Graceful Ageing

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What do Foot Biomechanics & Graceful Ageing have in common with one another? Excellent question! With each step, the human foot it designed to absorb as much shock as possible. The remaining shockwave of force has no choice but to go UP. Foot Biomechanics describes the relationship between each foot and the lower leg. -The First STEP Toward…

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Interference with Transmission of Innate Forces

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Foot dysfunction can interfere with the transmission of innate forces. Dysfunctional feet cannot heal under the constant stress and gravity plus body weight. 25% of the body’s bones (52 bones – 66 joints) held down, Squish & Stretch the muscles, the ligaments and nerves. This dysfunction of innate is the seed that ultimately grows into…

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Who Does Not Love Good Feet?

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Who does not love Good Feet arch supports? They make excellent arch supports. In stock, ready for your free fitting and walk test, many folks find the comfort, well… comforting and they’re even willing to pay more than $900 for just that. -What we make is different in many ways- For starters, what we make…

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Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

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Put that delicate bare foot into a shoe, and… Can you hear that? That’s your brain-body connection screaming, “Feet don’t fail me now!” Shoes make feet weak. Why not stronger? It’s called General Adaptation Syndrome and was first written about by Hungarian-born Hans Selye in the British journal Nature back in 1936. Feet don’t fail…

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Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – Predict Your Future Today

pain free is not problem free - predict your future

Pain Free is NOT Problem Free You CAN Identify a Foot Problem BEFORE there’s pain & therein lies YOUR Opportunity to Predict Your Future. Pain Free is certainly nice, but pain free does not predict a pain free future. In other words, Pain Free is NOT Problem Free – EVER! Pain is a SYMPTOM. Pain…

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