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Aging Gracefully requires optimal foot function. Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection from that constant pounding against concrete!

Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection

foundational restoration protection from gravity - Arizona Orthotics

Arizona Orthotics Offers Foundational Protection Protection from that constant pounding of each foot against the hard concrete thanks to gravity.  Offering protection from crappy shoes literally made to fit nothing other than the size of each foot. Protection from the pre-made, the mass produced, the not-made-for-you “options” available everywhere! In our opinion, although this should be…

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Osteoarthritis Risk Factors

sands of time OA osteoarthritis time running out

Osteoarthritis Risk Factors include obesity, diet, and abnormal joint loading. Is time running out?  Are your footprints in the sands of time SAFE… from degeneration? Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease, is serious business. After all, OA is a leading cause of DISABILITY & therefore NOT associated with graceful aging. Here at Arizona Orthotics…

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Foot Biomechanics & Graceful Ageing

elderly woman wearing bright green helmet, amber tinted ski google and holding a "2 thumbs up" expression

First of all, what do Foot Biomechanics & Graceful Ageing have in common? Foot biomechanics describes how the foot and leg work, while graceful ageing is a multifaceted art form.   Because biomechanically correct feet absorb and dissipate shock best, any desire to age gracefully must address how stress travels throughout the entire body AND that starts…

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Interference with the Transmission of Innate Forces

pic of tv screen image scrambled

Foot dysfunction can interfere with the transmission of innate forces. Dysfunctional feet cannot heal under the constant stress of gravity plus body weight. 25% of the body’s bones (52 bones – 66 joints) held down… Squish & Stretch the muscles, the ligaments, the nerves… everything! This disruption of innate forces traveling between the brain and…

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Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

fingers crossed

Put that delicate bare foot into a shoe, and… Can you hear that? That’s your brain-body connection screaming, “Feet don’t fail me now!” Shoes make feet weak. Why not stronger? It’s called General Adaptation Syndrome and was first written about by Hungarian-born Hans Selye in the British journal Nature back in 1936. Feet don’t fail…

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