Silent Short Leg

silent short leg. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

The Silent Short Leg is the short leg nobody likes to discuss! It’s the short leg “that just keeps coming back.” The type that’s DETERMINED to remain short, despite all the visits to the DC, PT, or MD. Persistent despite all the yoga, Pilates, massage, Rolfing, essential oils, cryotherapy, arch supports, insoles… Despite everything, the…

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Please Don’t Give Up – Happy Feet are just a step away

lying down in grass with feet highlighted and painted with a happy face

-Just a step away is Arizona Orthotics, proud sponsor of HOPE-  “What a fantastic life I am NOW living… what a life saver” Ric “How much is it worth to you to finally be pain free? I had a botched first metatarsal fusion” Rebecca We constantly hear from patients & see first-hand how other doctors…

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Today’s Foot Problem is Tomorrows Disability

picture of disabled elderly male in wheelchair

-Disability Is Not Okay- Today you have a foot problem. Tomorrow you’re disabled. That’s what it means to have a Progressive Condition & ALL FOOT PROBLEMS ARE PROGRESSIVE. That’s NOT OKAY! Progressive means your foot problem will worsen step by step unless you take measures to CORRECT THE CAUSE. How long will it take? Depends…

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