Bunion Cushions & 5 Gallons of Water

Bunion Cushion

Cushions are soft. Bunions are hard. Seems like the perfect combination for relief, until you understand some facts. Cushions CANNOT & DO NOT correct what’s causing your foot to deform – EVER! In fact, all the while you’re enjoying that temporary relief, your bunion deformity worsens. See that 5 gallon container of water? It weighs…

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Bunions & Toe Spacers

-Toe Spacers Artificially Pry Open Squished Together Toes- The Result is Temporary! Toe Spacers Do Not Correct the Cause of this Foot Problem. Toes get squished when the arch flattens. -Fallen Arches are Bad Shock Absorbers- Just like a Dogs Tail – Toes Compensates for Balance. Toe Spacers are the Equivalent of Over-Inflating the Tires on…

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Bunion Support Group Q&A

Bunion Questions?

Let’s re-join Dr. Dave during today’s bunion support group Q&A. Hold on just a moment! You mean to tell me that the YogaPro YogaToes I’ve been wearing for the last 6 months aren’t going to fix my bunions? Dr. Dave with Arizona Orthotics: Yes, that’s correct! Wait just a second doctor. You mean to suggest…

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World’s Most Ridiculous Bunion Treatment – EVER!

World's Most Ridiculous Bunion Treatment

We really had our hands full with this project. Our goal was to select only one Ridiculous Bunion Treatment among the many. Somebody had to do it. Why not Arizona Orthotics? Here’s the thing… Sorting through ALL the bunion treatments being marketed to find “The World’s Most Ridiculous” was truly difficult. And disheartening! The sheer…

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Best Essential Oils for Bunions: Truth vs. Lies

Essential Oils For Bunions

“If I can’t find the cause of your bunion, I will give you $25!” Dr. Dave – Arizona Orthotics Visit Pinterest and search “essential oils for bunion” and you’re sure to continue suffering. So, what are the best essential oils for bunions? One pin suggests, “Bunion Recipe: 6 drops Eucalyptus radiata 3 drops Lemon 4 drops Raven…

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