Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom

word art surrounding the main word: LIES

Other than the word custom on the package, Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom. By a show of hands – who know the definition of custom? Point Being: whatever your definition of custom, custom is never made-in-advance, never pre-made, and most certainly does not come already packaged. Perhaps that’s why the company responsible…

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Custom Foot Orthotics – Buyer Beware

custom foot orthotics - buyer beware

All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™ This means, Buyer Beware, you’ll need to do some research to make the Best & Most Informed Decision. Unless of course you’re looking for a cheap shoe insert instead of something specifically designed to optimize how your feet handle gravity.  False & Deceptive Advertising is designed to manipulate…

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Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Do Not Fix Bunions or Plantar Fasciitis

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

Here’s the first problem with Dr. Scholl’s Custom Orthotics… they’re not custom!!! Custom means, “Made or done to order for a particular customer”. Made to order is not the same as made in advance and in a package. What Dr. Scholl’s has to offer is a mass produced shoe insert!   Here’s the second problem…

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