Buyer Beware – Custom Foot Orthotics

BUYER BEWARE – Custom Foot Orthotics! Please, buyer BEWARE of ALL products DECEPTIVELY labeled custom found on a shelf, table, or rack… Amazon! Products fancily packaged and pre-made! Not custom – clearly. That’s the warning we offer those shopping for help with a foot problem. -Buyer Beware- Beware that much of what’s “out there for sale” is NOT able…

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Expensive Shoe Insert, Insole or Arch Support vs Custom Foot Orthotics

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

-Made in Advance vs Made from Scratch- Pre-made: made in advance. Everything mass produced from local stores such as Good Feet & Foot Solutions.  All those expensive shoe inserts, insoles and arch supports in stock, in the package and on the shelf. Everything mass produced and for sale from on-line retailers like Amazon & Superfeet.  …

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