Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom

word art surrounding the main word: LIES

Other than the word custom on the package, Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom. By a show of hands – who know the definition of custom? Point Being: whatever your definition of custom, custom is never made-in-advance, never pre-made, and most certainly does not come already packaged. Perhaps that’s why the company responsible…

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Piggyback Rides & Custom Foot Orthotics

When Done Right both Piggyback Rides & Custom Foot Orthotics make you smile! When Done Wrong, well… that’s another story! When done wrong, there’s the potential for injury and lost friendship. Could be a bumpy ride and more of a “hold on for your life” scenario. Same scenario with over the counter & off the shelf…

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Buyer Beware: Arch Supports are NOT Custom Foot Orthotics

picture of bridge arch at night

-3 Huge Problems with the widespread idea that an Arch Support is the same as a Custom Foot Orthotic!-Here’s the first problem: Arch Supports are pre-made. Custom Foot Orthotics are made-from-scratch. Big difference! Here’s the second problem: Arch Supports are designed to support an arch, but whose arch exactly?! Remember, they’re pre-made! Arch Supports are sold based…

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Lipstick, Pigs, Inserts, Insoles, Arch Supports & Custom Foot Orthotics

Lipstick, Pigs, Inserts, Insoles, Arch Supports & Custom Orthotics

Lipstick on a pig? Anyone not familiar with this good ‘ol porcine proverb? Google it – there’s quite a bit of history surrounding pigs and lipstick. Putting lipstick on a pig is ridiculous though, right? But isn’t it just as absurd to consider inserts, insoles, arch supports and orthotics ALL THE SAME THING? We say…

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Custom Foot Orthotics – Buyer Beware

custom foot orthotics - buyer beware

All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™ This means, Buyer Beware, you’ll need to do some research to make the Best & Most Informed Decision. Unless of course you’re looking for a cheap shoe insert instead of something specifically designed to optimize how your feet handle gravity.  False and deceptive advertising is designed to manipulate…

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