Who Does Not Love Good Feet?

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Who does not love Good Feet arch supports? They make excellent arch supports. In stock, ready for your free fitting and walk test, many folks find the comfort, well… comforting and they’re even willing to pay more than $900 for just that. -What we make is different in many ways- For starters, what we make…

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Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom

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Other than the word custom on the package, Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Are Not Custom. By a show of hands – who know the definition of custom? Point Being: whatever your definition of custom, custom is never made-in-advance, never pre-made, and most certainly does not come already packaged. Perhaps that’s why the company responsible…

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Piggyback Rides & Custom Foot Orthotics

When Done Right both Piggyback Rides & Custom Foot Orthotics make you smile! When Done Wrong, well… that’s another story! When done wrong, there’s the potential for injury and lost friendship. Could be a bumpy ride and more of a “hold on for your life” scenario. Same scenario with over the counter & off the shelf…

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Buyer Beware: Arch Supports are NOT Custom Foot Orthotics

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-3 Huge Problems with the widespread idea that an Arch Support is the same as a Custom Foot Orthotic!-Here’s the first problem: Arch Supports are pre-made. Custom Foot Orthotics are made-from-scratch. Big difference! Here’s the second problem: Arch Supports are designed to support an arch, but whose arch exactly?! Remember, they’re pre-made! Arch Supports are sold based…

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Lipstick, Pigs, Inserts, Insoles, Arch Supports & Custom Foot Orthotics

Lipstick, Pigs, Inserts, Insoles, Arch Supports & Custom Orthotics

Lipstick on a pig? Anyone not familiar with this good ‘ol porcine proverb? Google it – there’s quite a bit of history surrounding pigs and lipstick. Putting lipstick on a pig is ridiculous though, right? But isn’t it just as absurd to consider inserts, insoles, arch supports and orthotics ALL THE SAME THING? We say…

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