The Hazards of Price Shopping For Custom Foot Orthotics

Price Shopping for Custom Foot Orthotics

So, someone just told you custom foot orthotics could help your foot problem. You run to your computer and start searching for the cheapest custom foot orthotic possible. WRONG! If you take this approach and begin your search for the right fit custom foot orthotic based on price alone you are sure to continue suffering. Here’s…

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All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™

Arizona Orthotics

In today’s out-of-the-box world, pre-made custom foot orthotics remain a multi-billion dollar industry – BUILT ON LIES!  Made-in-advance orthotics are never custom because they are not made specific to individual needs. By definition, custom means, “made to the specifications of the individual.” The widespread sale of ready-made products, deceptively labeled custom, is the reason Arizona Orthotics has…

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