Buyer Beware – Custom Foot Orthotics

BUYER BEWARE – Custom Foot Orthotics! Please, buyer BEWARE of ALL products DECEPTIVELY labeled custom found on a shelf, table, or rack… Amazon! Products fancily packaged and pre-made! Not custom – clearly. That’s the warning we offer those shopping for help with a foot problem. -Buyer Beware- Beware that much of what’s “out there for sale” is NOT able…

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VIDEO: Off the Shelf Custom Foot Orthotics Inventory

Definition of Custom

Off the shelf and labeled CUSTOM? Whether it’s off the shelf or from a warehouse full of inventory… It’s REALLY NOT CUSTOM! Off the shelf mis-labeled, perhaps deceptively, “custom” orthotics are NOT TRULY CUSTOM!!! Consider the definition of custom from a dictionary. There is hope, but healing requires the right-made support. Support made-from-scratch & specific to…

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Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Do Not Fix Bunions or Plantar Fasciitis

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

Here’s the first problem with Dr. Scholl’s Custom Orthotics… they’re not custom!!! Custom means, “Made or done to order for a particular customer”. Made to order is not the same as made in advance and in a package. What Dr. Scholl’s has to offer is a mass produced shoe insert!   Here’s the second problem…

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Custom Foot Orthotic Test

Pass or Fail Test

In order for each foot to Absorb Shock Properly each arch must begin at the highest position specific to the individual. This means full-contact with the arch as the heel is raised 45 degrees from the ground as shown in the video here. Not sure if what you’re currently wearing is helping long-term? Ask yourself: 1. Am…

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Inserts, Insoles & Arch Supports – More Harm Than Good?

more harm than good

Yes! Everything under your foot forces all 66 joints to adapt, whether you’re barefoot or in shoes.  In shoes, each foot is forced to adapt to the manufacturers insole. Otherwise, each foot must change shape to support the insole, insert or arch support you try.   Shopping for help with a foot problem typically begins…

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