All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™

Arizona Orthotics

Thanks to the MYTH “all custom foot orthotics are created equal”, pre-made CRAP remains a multi-billion dollar industry. BUILT ON LIES! All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™ Mass produced IS NOT created equal to made from scratch. This includes ALL pre-made, inserts, insoles & arch supports – they’re made in advance. That’s means not made…

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Heat Moldable Orthotic Inserts

Time to upgrade

Heat Moldable Orthotic Inserts are very popular this time of year, perhaps due to the cold weather. According to The Insole Store, “After heating them, you slip them into the shoes you’ll be wearing, and stand on them for about two minutes. this allows for the heat moldable footbeds to form to your heel and…

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Expensive Shoe Insert, Insole or Arch Support vs Custom Foot Orthotics

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

-Made in Advance vs Made from Scratch- Pre-made: made in advance. Everything mass produced from local stores such as Good Feet & Foot Solutions.  All those expensive shoe inserts, insoles and arch supports in stock, in the package and on the shelf. Everything mass produced and for sale from on-line retailers like Amazon & Superfeet.  …

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Why Most Custom Orthotics Products Fail to Pass the Test

fail to pass the test

-PASS or FAIL- If there’s space between your arch and your custom product, it failed! In other words, if it’s not making full contact, your foot cannot heal. Most custom products are premade and fail to actually change whats important over the long haul. How do your pre-made arch supports from Good Feet match up? How…

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The Ugly Truth About Custom Inventory


WHAT INVENTORY? Custom Inventory is the Perfect Oxymoron! According to Dr. Doperak, “If you can buy a custom product for your feet off-the-shelf or off-the-internet RUN FOR THE HILLS – it’s a lie.” -Most Industry Products ARE Premade- Popular brands like Superfeet, Walkfit, and Dr. Scholls just to name a few. -Here’s the Problem with…

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