The Science Behind Superfeet

science chemistry blackboard drawings

According to Superfeet there is “SCIENCE BUILT INTO EVERY PAIR”. They continue, “Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat, 2-dimensional midsoles of your footwear to your 3-dimensional foot.” The Science? Hmmm. Let’s see. Science Problem ONE: All 2-D midsoles are not identical. Everybody knows the midsole of an athletic shoe by Nike is not the same as a…

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Arizona Orthotics Unique? Part I – Made From Scratch

Our Uniqueness

-Made Completely From Scratch- -That’s Unique!- One-Size-Fits-All MOLDS used to design ALL the inserts, insoles and arch supports for sale & seen everywhere are NOT VERY UNIQUE. Inventory is NOT made-from-scratch! No different from the ice pops our mom made us as children – from molds. Here at Arizona Orthotics we have ZERO Inventory – EVERY Foot Orthotic is…

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Expensive Shoe Insert, Insole or Arch Support vs Custom Foot Orthotics

All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal

-Made in Advance vs Made from Scratch- Pre-made: made in advance. Everything mass produced from local stores such as Good Feet & Foot Solutions.  All those expensive shoe inserts, insoles and arch supports in stock, in the package and on the shelf. Everything mass produced and for sale from on-line retailers like Amazon & Superfeet.  …

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The Ugly Truth About Custom Inventory


WHAT INVENTORY? Custom Inventory is the Perfect Oxymoron! According to Dr. Doperak, “If you can buy a custom product for your feet off-the-shelf or off-the-internet RUN FOR THE HILLS – it’s a lie.” -Most Industry Products ARE Premade- Popular brands like Superfeet, Walkfit, and Dr. Scholls just to name a few. -Here’s the Problem with…

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