THE BIG IDEA – B.J. Palmer, 1944

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-Bartlett Joshua Palmer, The Big Idea, Seventy-Three Years Later, & Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source- Seventy-Three Years Ago, in 1944, B.J. Palmer, son of Daniel David Palmer (D.D.), the founder of chiropractic, wrote The Big Idea.  “The idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease, is one of the biggest ideas known.  Without it, nations fall; with it,…

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Interference with the Transmission of Innate Forces

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Foot dysfunction can interfere with the transmission of innate forces. Dysfunctional feet cannot heal under the constant stress of gravity plus body weight. 25% of the body’s bones (52 bones – 66 joints) held down… Squish & Stretch the muscles, the ligaments, the nerves… everything! This disruption of innate forces traveling between the brain and…

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Protected: Dr Portal

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Arizona Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, Foot Problems & Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source

Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source™

My Doctor of Chiropractic says I have a foot problem, but does NOT offer a solution. Now what?! Here we come to save the day!!! Dr. David J. Doperak DC CSPS NSCA-CPT developed Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source™ specifically for AZ licensed doctors of chiropractic who literally have no interest in offering custom foot orthotics personally.…

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