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All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™  For starters, custom foot orthotics describe a product that’s made-from-scratch. 

The Pain Stops Here!

The Pain Stops Here means, “When you correct the underlying cause of any problem, the healing begins.” That’s the best long term strategy too! Here at Arizona Orthotics we offer correction at the body’s foundation – the feet. 26 bones per foot. 25% of all the body’s bones in the foundation! How your body’s foundation…

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Why is full contact arch support essential for optimal foot function?

Full contact arch support is essential because the feet are the body’s foundation! How they absorb shock matters. Here’s the math: 26 bones per foot X’s 2 feet, for a grand total of 52 bones in the feet. Well, guess what? Structure dictates function at the foundation of your body. The alignment of these 52…

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Can custom foot orthotics help scoliosis?

before and after short leg xray pics

Yes, but only when the patient has a structural short leg that has contributed to the scoliosis. You see, when one leg is short the sacral base becomes unlevel and the sacral base is what the entire spine rests upon. An unlevel sacral base is equivalent to an unlevel foundation, i.e., the foundation of your…

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Can custom foot orthotics help posture?

Yes, but with realistic expectations. For example, one should not expect custom foot orthotics to complete restore their posture to perfection. It’s more realistic that someone’s posture would only slightly improve. However, with additional rehabilitation designed to address the underlying specific postural changes, that improvement could be even more.

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Can custom foot orthotics help shin splints?

Yes, but only when calibrated to flex specific to one’s body-weight. That’s how you restore the ability of the feet to properly absorb shock instead of this stress heading up and into the shins causing pain.

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