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All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™  For starters, custom foot orthotics describe a product that’s made-from-scratch. 

Structural Short Leg Glute Shift

The short leg glute shift describes how the butt muscles take over when you have one short leg. Yes, one short leg is very common and causes your butt muscles to react in a predictable manner. One short leg is big problem in terms of wear-and-tear. How about wear-and-tear degenerative arthritis?! Huge enemy to graceful…

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How To R.I.C.E.

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R.I.C.E. stands for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION & ELEVATION. Simply stub a toe & the need to apply these principles begin! Take advantage!!! As you know, toe or foot pain changes HOW you walk. Without question! Not for the better either – how you walk is now focused on avoiding pain. That’s called a compensation –…

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Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source

Chiropractic’s SECURED Referral Source WANTS YOU! In 1944 Doctor BJ Palmer shared The Big Idea – restoring health to nations drug-free! It’s now 2019, 75 years later & there’s still a lot to do. ARIZONA ORTHOTICS proudly presents… -Chiropractic’s Secured Referral Source- We WANT spine care in your office to remain the only focus!!! We…

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When to Begin Exercise with New Custom Foot Orthotics

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We’re often asked, “When can I begin to exercise with my new custom foot orthotics?” Great question! When to Begin Exercise with New Custom Foot Orthotics AFTER the feet have finished adapting, slowly, over time – of course. That is to say, please be sure you are able to walk around comfortably for a full…

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Shoe Stretchers & Custom Foot Orthotics

What happens when your arch gets pushed up into the throat line of a shoe? Shoe stretchers & custom foot orthotics.

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