Arizona Orthotics Unique? Part III – Precision Calibration

Our Uniqueness

Precision Calibration takes an ordinary piece of plastic & turns it into a FLEXIBLE support able to Optimize HOW each foot handles gravity!!! Calibration means EVERY custom foot orthotic is tested & fine-tuned for flexibility in a high pressure chamber. Once the orthotic is inside the chamber an air bladder is continuously filled until there’s enough pressure against…

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Custom Foot Orthotic Calibration

Snellen Eye Chart adjacent to "precision calibrated to match patient specifics"

Precision Calibration is how we make an ordinary piece of plastic FLEX specific to YOUR Body Weight, Foot Flexibility & Activity Level. -It’s just like the shocks in your car- Think about what would happen if you took the shocks from a small car and put them into a Big Ford F350 Super Duty truck? Or…

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