Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity (AAFD) SURGERY?

surgeons standing over a patient during an operation

According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society® adult acquired flatfoot deformity (AAFD), “is a progressive flattening of the arch of the foot that occurs as the posterior tibial tendon becomes insufficient….” Adult acquired flatfoot deformity? Fancy term for a flat foot developed over a lifetime. Why? For starters, because we live in gravity. What’s more?…

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Flat Feet are Bad Springs – Let’s Change That

The Good News About Flat Feet

-Healthy Feet Absorb Shock!- -Flat Feet Do Not- Gravity never stops pushing every pound of your body weight DOWN into the ground! That’s 52 bones & 66 joints constantly stressed while standing & with every step you take. It’s only a matter of time until there’s pain somewhere. Flat feet are bad springs & that’s no…

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Foot Posture, Foot Function, & Foot Disorders

-Foot Posture- Just like the spine, each foot has an ideal posture consistent with healthy function and graceful ageing. -Foot Function- When the posture of the foot begins to fail, the function also suffers.Poor foot function produces the wear-and-tear environment of degeneration and accelerated ageing. -Foot Disorders & The Framingham Foot Study- In 2013, the…

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My Feet Do Not Ache at Night Anymore VIDEO

start dreaming again

Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was suffering in pain and couldn’t sleep she had flat feet, even had a bunion… Folks, we love stories like this because we hear them ALL THE TIME. If you’re wearing a store bought pre-made product, that’s the reason you’re still suffering. Please, heed the words of…

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Treat for Foot Shock! Time as our Enemy

treat for shock

“Watch me now”… “Here I go again”…says the foot each time it’s forced to absorb 30% more shock than designed with EVERY STEP. Screaming for Relief, Begging for Help! Over time, this shockwave of force is certainly our enemy… this pounding results in the wear-and-tear breakdown that slowly, over-time, results in pain, deformity and ultimately…

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