Flat Feet are Bad Springs – Let’s Change That

The Good News About Flat Feet

-Healthy Feet Absorb Shock!- -Flat Feet Do Not- Gravity never stops pushing every pound of your body weight DOWN into the ground! That’s 52 bones & 66 joints constantly stressed while standing & with every step you take. It’s only a matter of time until there’s pain somewhere. Flat feet are bad springs & that’s no…

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Foot Posture, Foot Function and Foot Disorders

Just like the spine, each foot has an ideal posture consistent with healthy function and graceful ageing. When the posture of the foot begins to fail, the function also suffers.Poor foot function produces the wear-and-tear environment of degeneration and accelerated ageing. -The Framingham Foot Study- In 2013, the results of 7 years research with more…

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My Feet Do Not Ache at Night Anymore

start dreaming again

Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was suffering in pain and couldn’t sleep she had flat feet, even had a bunion… Folks, we love stories like this because we hear them ALL THE TIME. If you’re wearing a store bought pre-made product, that’s the reason you’re still suffering. Please, heed the words of…

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Treat for Foot Shock! Time as our Enemy.

treat for shock

“Watch me now”… “Here I go again”…says the foot each time it’s forced to absorb 30% more shock than designed with EVERY STEP. Screaming for Relief, Begging for Help! Over time, this shockwave of force is certainly our enemy… this pounding results in the wear-and-tear breakdown that slowly, over-time, results in pain, deformity and ultimately…

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