Hammertoes Get Worse Over Time

Man with Hammer & picture of Hammertoes

If you choose NOT to Correct the Cause of your Hammertoes they’ll worsen. That’s what a progressive foot problem does, regardless of your personal beliefs. Hammertoes worsen thanks to the unrelenting force of Gravity plus time. Sure, you can live a sedentary lifestyle to avoid Gravity, but you cannot stop time & a majority of people would…

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Custom Foot Orthotics & Hammertoes

Hammer Toe

When specifically designed to MATCH each foot’s Authentic Arch Up Alignment and Precision Calibrated for Flexibility, Custom Foot Orthotics Correct the Cause of Hammertoes! As the foot lengthens, the muscles that bend the toes downward DOMINATE. In contrast, the muscles that straighten the toes lose their ability to do so effectively. This causes the affected…

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