The Hazards of Price Shopping For Custom Foot Orthotics

Price Shopping for Custom Foot Orthotics

The MAIN Hazard of Price Shopping For Custom Foot Orthotics is never finding what you need to correct the cause of your foot problem.“What’s that you say?” “Custom foot orthotics could help my foot problem?” You run to your computer and start searching for the cheapest custom foot orthotic possible FIRST. -That’s price shopping & that’s…

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Does Health Insurance Cover Custom Foot Orthotics

Insurance Coverage and Custom Foot Orthotics

Does health insurance cover custom foot orthotics? Depends on whether or not you have orthotics coverage for CPT code L3000 in your policy. CPT means “current procedural terminology” and CPT code L3000 is for custom foot orthotics. Most insurance only covers custom foot orthotics when there is a peripheral neuropathy diagnosis, such as diabetes. But why not call and find…

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