The Hazards of Price Shopping For Custom Foot Orthotics

Price Shopping for Custom Foot Orthotics

So, someone just told you custom foot orthotics could help your foot problem. You run to your computer and start searching for the cheapest custom foot orthotic possible. WRONG! If you take this approach and begin your search for the right fit custom foot orthotic based on price alone you are sure to continue suffering. Here’s…

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Does My Health Insurance Policy Cover Custom Foot Orthotics

Insurance Coverage and Custom Foot Orthotics

Great question! Health Insurance companies accept claims for consideration on health insurance claim forms. On that form, there’s a special place for what’s called a CPT code. CPT stands for current procedural terminology and in this case, CPT code L3000 describes custom foot orthotics. BORING! Yeah, we know, but it’s how insurance companies process claims.…

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