Corticosteroid Injections, Heel Spurs & Longevity

Restore & Optimize Superhero for Arizona Orthotics

Other than the tip of the needle, what’s the point of injecting corticosteroids for heel spurs?! It’s pretty much guaranteed that insufficient cortisone is NOT causing your heel spur & pain.    Corticosteroid Injections are painful, costly, pointless and not without side effects. There is literally ZERO potential for long term recovery. But wait! There’s more.…

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What to do when your Heel Pain is Not a Heel Spur

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-Your Heel Hurts. Now What?- Oh the trouble we find ourselves in during our adventures in self-diagnosis. -Asking the Right Questions is Important- Once we understand what has happened we can figure out the best course of action. Did this pain come about gradually or appear suddenly? Where exactly on your heel is the pain?…

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