Cool Off Those Hot Heels

side view picture of the copley high heel foot orthotic

Heels should not make the feet burn, but they can, and they do. Fight back with grandma’s made-from-scratch lasagna, hot from the oven. No, but really, FIGHT BACK with the most delicious Copley. Love the Heels, Save Your Sole!® That’s our made-from-scratch foot orthotic just for heels. And stilettos. By the way, that’s a side view…

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High Heels: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

love the heels, save your sole. woman standing in heels looking as cool as a cucumber

As the height of the high heel goes up, the stress of gravity must come down… with even more vengeance. Consider how you feel wearing a small 2” heel compared to a stiletto – as the height of the Heel Goes Up, the more rapidly the feet deform. We can’t control time, ageing or gravity,…

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Duchess Kate Reveals Her Trick to Wearing High Heels

Duchess Kate High Heels

Struggling to find comfort in your favorite pair of high heels? According to industry insiders, Duchess Kate was recently seen buying several pairs of insoles at a department store in London. In fact, they report this is how Duchess Kate was able to continue wearing heels well into her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. That’s truly…

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High Heel Custom Foot Orthotics – Have a Comfortable Day!

High Heel Custom Foot Orthotics

-Women Have Sacrificed Foot Health in the Name of Fashion for the Last Time- As soon as the foot slides into your favorite pair of designer heels, the natural distribution of force is immediately altered. As a result, the Foot Begins to Malfunction & Deform.  Arizona Orthotics proudly introduces the First & Only medical-grade precision…

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