Flat Feet are Bad Springs – Let’s Change That

The Good News About Flat Feet

-Healthy Feet Absorb Shock!- -Flat Feet Do Not- Gravity never stops pushing every pound of your body weight DOWN into the ground! That’s 52 bones & 66 joints constantly stressed while standing & with every step you take. It’s only a matter of time until there’s pain somewhere. Flat feet are bad springs & that’s no…

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52 Bones that Highly Influence Kinetic Chain Function

-The Kinetic Chain is how your Brain communicates with your entire body!- It’s important!!! Athletes tend to concern themselves most with kinetic chain function, but it concerns every one of us. The Kinetic Chain describes the communication between 3 bodily systems: The nerve system, The skeletal system, and The muscular system. When there is No Dysfunction…

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Orthotics for Knee Pain

knee pain

Imagine trying to open a door or lift a toilet seat in any direction that violates the natural alignment of the hinge. Now, do this 10,000 to 15,000 times each day and see what happens. This is exactly what happens when you walk around with a knee that is not in line. You’re asking for…

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