Gongs & Shin Splints

Hitting a Large Gong

-Let’s Talk About Reverberation- First, JUMP OFF A CHAIR without bending your knees to fully understand reverberation. Now that you understand reverberation, you understand Both Gongs & Shin Splints. Here’s the Most Important Thing you need to know about shin splints… -Shin Splints is a FOOT Problem- Reverberation in the Human Body is called STRESS.…

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The Truth about Shin Splints, Rest, Ice & Pain Relievers

Supergirl with arms up and flexed and the words, "Goodbye Shin Splints" adjacent

-Rest, Ice & Pain Relievers TREAT SYMPTOMS- Lasting Relief from Shin Splint Pain comes in a More Comfortable & Less Toxic form.  Here’s why Rest, Ice & Pain Relievers Do Not Work Long Term REST Rest is only appropriate during the first 72 hours post shin injury. Beyond that, Rest is NEVER an Acceptable Long Term…

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Shin Splints Explained & Demystified

Distance Runner bent over in pain holding shin

Close your eyes and imagine yourself Jumping Up & Down… WITHOUT BENDING YOUR KNEES! In the case of Shin Splints, your feet are struggling to Bend & Absorb Shock. Instead, every step sends a shock wave of force directly into the shin bone vibrating the outer layer away from the underlying.  -How to Correct the Cause…

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Orthotics for Shin Splints

what causes shin splints?

Help for Shin Splints begins with the ground. More specifically, HOW Each Foot Handles Gravity EVERY TIME it makes contact with the GROUND. With every step taken, stress travels up from the foot & into the shin. Since the shin is not designed to handle this unrelenting stress, you get pain.  Shin Splints is an Overuse Injury…

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