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The Structural Short Leg is the one most folks aren’t looking for. This includes your chiropractic physician, physical therapist, medical doctor, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, and others who simply remain unaware.  Pain that’s been around “forever” only on one side despite years of therapy and treatment? 

Short Leg Problem Fixed

When you have a short leg problem NOT related to muscle imbalance, you need real help. And, you need this help sooner than later if you’d like to avoid all that wear-and-tear that’ll lead to disability as you age poorly. Here at Arizona Orthotics we understand how to fix that short leg problem in most…

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Grow Them Bones

skeleton posed in numerous positions

Which therapy helps grow them bones you ask?! Some believe its physical therapy, others chiropractic. Others choose Rolfing or structural integration. So many options when it comes to a short leg, but one must ask: Which therapy literally helps grow them bones BEST? Surprise! Not a single one. Not one therapy helps grow bone. “Grow…

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One Short Leg, One Big Problem

one short leg, one big problem

One short leg? That’s a leg length deficiency. Two short legs? How about four? One short leg is a big problem whereas two or four are not – the balance remains. The vertically challenged cannot expect to suffer with osteoarthritis like those with, literally, bones shorter on one side.  Not a problem because the foundation is level.…

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Poor Posture & The Short Leg

doctor checking the spine of a male patient

Rut Roh Scooby, it appears poor posture & the short leg are related. Really? And it’s been known for a long time. Yikes! According to researchers a short leg larger than 5 to 10 millimeters can cause posture changes. That’s only .19 to .39 inches.  Clearly it doesn’t take much to throw the body’s foundation…

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Bone Shortening for Leg Length Discrepancy

bone shortening surgery

Considering surgical Bone Shortening for that pesky Leg Length Discrepancy? Here’s what Reach Your Height has to offer when one leg is short: “Leg shortening or restricting is considered for smaller differences in leg length (usually less than 5 cm or 2 in.).” Bone Shortening = Surgery Removing bone invasively for 2 inches or less?…

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