Three Physical Therapy Short Leg Secrets

say what?!

Three Physical Therapy Short Leg Rehab Secrets You Should Know. Results may be temporary The short leg may not due to muscle imbalance Help is available elsewhere Is the short leg structural? Perhaps it’s functional.  If this remains unknown, it’s worth finding out. CORRECT the CAUSE of the short leg or else it tends to stay…

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Hip Surgery & Post-Op Short Leg Correction

before and after xray of post operative hip surgery short leg correction

Ignoring a Short Leg before or after Hip Surgery may be the reason you’re still in pain! Whether the hip surgery itself is the cause of a short leg is irrelevant, but the potential is there and when the short leg is left uncorrected, your long term outcome is bad. It’s Important to Identify & Correct a…

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The Adventures of Short Leg Sally

Short Leg Sally

The Adventures of Short Leg Sally – an entertaining tale about suffering and hope presented by Arizona Orthotics.  From the time Sally started walking, folks would always say… “Is Sally okay, she appears to be limping?” Her mother would sneer and reply “Sally is fine, she’s just having a bad day.” The specialists all said…

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Short Leg Rotated Pelvis Experiment

physical therapy pelvis

Kick off one shoe, heel, or sandal to experience the pelvis rotation caused by a short leg – it’s not magic. Short Leg Rotated Pelvis Experiment Now stand up and make sure to lock both knees. Did you feel the pelvis rotate? How about even higher up? Notice how the mid-body and head compensate? It…

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