3 Things Your Physical Therapist May Never Tell You About Your Short Leg

say what?!

Your physical therapy results may be temporary Your leg short is not caused by muscle imbalance Help is available elsewhere Is your short leg structural? If you don’t know, it’s worth finding out. If you DO NOT CORRECT the CAUSE of a problem, it sticks with you – typically forever. You grew asymmetrically, meaning your…

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Hip Surgery & Post-Op Short Leg Correction

before and after xray of post operative hip surgery short leg correction

Ignoring a Short Leg following Hip Surgery may be the reason you’re still in pain! Whether the hip surgery itself is the cause of a short leg is irrelevant, but the potential clearly exists. It’s Important to identify and correct said short leg sooner than later. Starting physical therapy with a Short Leg? Huge waste…

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The Adventures of Short Leg Sally

Short Leg Sally

The moral of the story: Don’t be a Sally and suffer needlessly for years with a short leg. From the time Sally started walking, folks would always say… “Is Sally okay, she appears to be limping?” Her mother would sneer and reply “Sally is fine, she’s just having a bad day.” The specialists all said…

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Short Leg Equals Rotated Pelvis

physical therapy pelvis

It literally drives us crazy when a patient walks into the office and says their physical therapist is going to fix their short leg. -Two Reasons WHY-  The First is that the physical therapist almost always believes it to be functional; a short leg related to muscle imbalance. The Second is that physical therapists usually…

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