52 Bones & Kinetic Chain Function

26 Bones Per Foot, 2 Feet, 52 Highly Influential Bones! Athletes tend to concern themselves most with kinetic chain function, but it concerns every one of us. The Kinetic Chain describes the communication between 3 bodily systems: nerve system – skeletal system – muscular system The Kinetic Chain clearly communicates with important systems. The kinetic chain therefore represents how…

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Love Pose Running Method

Pose Technique

Even after performance technique is mastered, one constant remains – gravity. If gravity ceased to exist so would the principle of ground reactive force. Looking for a superb method of running? We love Pose! The Pose Method® is a system for teaching of human movement developed by a 3-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov…

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What Every Athlete Should Know About Sports Performance

Sports performance enhanced

VIDEO: What Every Athlete Should Know About Sports Performance. -Healthy & Powerful Feet Offer a Competitive Advantage- Healthy and powerful feet is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT component for success. -Your FEET Are Your Only Contact with THE GROUND- Athletes understand that proper foot function inherently controls the alignment of the entire body. When aligned properly,…

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