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Rebuilding Champions - center for athletic performance

First of all, Arizona Orthotics Is Not Affiliated with the Center For Athletic Performance.

Buyer Beware!

In other words, the Center For Athletic Performance is NOT Arizona Orthotics approved!

Yet, Search the Google 😉 “help for foot pain” or “help for plantar fasciitis” and the confusion begins.

-Judge for Yourself-8.30.2018 capture snippit Center for Athletic Performance Deceptive AdvertisingWho’s the person searching for help meeting with exactly?

As a result, its confusing; who’s to know what’s to come?! 

Someone walks into “The Center” seeking Arizona Orthotics and they readily oblige.


What’s a consumer to believe? 

Are you “getting rid of the foot pain” with Arizona Orthotics OR the Center for Athletic Performance?

Or is it Rebuilding Champions?

Certainly confusing, but what’s worse is its potentially deceptive. 

The Center for Athletic Performance suggests,“Click to learn more about our Arizona orthotics!” 

picture of a woman listening on with curiosity

Folks, they DON’T offer Arizona orthotics!

At first glance, it easily appears as if we – The Original – wrote this ad ourselves.

Allow us to reassure our loving fans & loyal customers, THERE IS ONLY ONE Arizona Orthotics.

Please don’t be confused as to that basic fact – you are not buying Arizona orthotics at “The Center!

Goodness, other than the fact they’re located in Arizona…

two women laughing

Laughable at best.

Yet, it’s their meta tag

A meta tag helps search engines understand the content of a page.

“Our Arizona orthotics?”

Confusing, yet intentionally chosen as their meta tag.

In this case, their webmaster literally “set it to appear” exactly as you see it in our snippet! 


Yet, Visit this page & NOWHERE do you see, “Get rid of Foot Pain with Arizona Orthotics.”

Deceptive indeed!

woman standing with her hands over her mouth w

What about this snippet from Rebuilding Champions dot com?

8.30.2018 capture II Center For Athletic Performance

“Generally custom made, Arizona orthotics from CAPPT can help…”?!!!

woman thinking hmmm

The Center for Athletic Performance DOES NOT offer Arizona orthotics!

THERE IS ONLY ONE Arizona Orthotics.

Seems like their meta tag, again, “Arizona Orthotics Services” is also deceptive.

Certainly Arizona Orthotics Services are those offered by Arizona Orthotics!

Arizona Orthotics is that awesome place on the SE corner of 20th St & Camelback Rd next to LA Fitness. 

Buyer Beware!

Call Arizona Orthotics with any questions or concerns directly @ 480-307-4060.

We Are Arizona Orthotics & There’s a Reason WE ARE Google 5-STAR Rated!

Arizona Orthotics Avatar

All Custom Foot Orthotics are NOT Created Equal!™

Learn exactly how we – the original – trade name registered with the Arizona Secretary of State – do things here in our office. 

File a complain for deceptive advertising here

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